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Electronic Archive of Referenced Documents

A full-blown solution based on a product line from EMC Documentum – Electronic archive of referenced documents. 

The solution is intended for banks and other enterprises using in their work huge range of referenced documentation. 


To improve customer service a Bank decided to provide its employees with an integrated access to normative documents related to description and technology of bank products sales. To do this, a bank has been in need of electronic system implementation that would enable to automate process of referenced documents actualization - from the moment of alteration initiating till archiving the agreed document – ensuring access to archive for authorized persons. Besides, the system had to be reliable and safe to meet confidentiality requirements. Bank required a system to manage large scope of content.  


«Electronic Archive of Referenced Documents» solution is designed to manage processes on creation, approving, publication, searching, accessing and storing of normative documents. These documents contain description of products, business processes, regulatory procedures and other additional information relating to sales support. Sales support of bank products or services sold through trade outlets can be given as an example. Safety system designed on the basis of users and roles enables to monitor access to content and track content amending processes. Such control system gives an opportunity to ensure information confidentiality and enhance the quality of content as a whole. The system is implemented on the basis of such blueprint solutions and tools that make it possible to scale the system in order to expand its functionality and use it while working with referenced documents pertaining to other banking areas. 


  • All referenced information is stored in Documentum repository and is available from it.
  • Web-access enables to considerably increase efficiency of employees’ work and speed up feedbacks to customers’ requests. Besides, it makes it possible to accelerate processes on information analyzing.
  • Time expenses are cut down; operational comfort and efficiency of processes on creation, approval and actualization of internal normative documents are increased.
  • Interaction efficiency among distant structural subdivisions has been increased through use of electronic versions of normative documents available from a network.
  • Time of accessing necessary documents has been reduced through automation of information retrieval procedures which are to be launched across a documents repository as per attributes and content. 

Implementation of this solution gives an opportunity  

  • To create and edit documents directly from a System according to respective user rights.
  • To ensure document invariance control after documents’ approval and sending for a long-term or persistent storage.
  • To make support and automated control of documents versions with an opportunity to create tree-structured versions provided with navigation tools.
  • To support the whole document life-cycle: from document creation till its deletion. The archive enables to make customizing of life-cycles consisting of different modes number.
  • To group documents by virtual folders.
  • To compose linked documents. Number of links between documents is not limited.
  • To make an advanced search for documents according to their attributes, key words, content of the attached document, etc. There is a search support for documents language versions - Russian, English and Ukrainian.
  • To generate reports (according to specific document, document type, process, process type, executive, subdivision, group, etc.): from momentary ones reflecting a current state of a document workflow till aggregate analytical reports summarizing information received during different time intervals (day, week, month, etc.) 

Recommended product package  

  • EMC Documentum Content Server
  • EMC Documentum Webtop
  • EMC Documentum Administrator
  • EMC Documentum Developer Studio



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