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In the new millennium, the role of IT solutions becomes extremely important for public sector. Public sector organizations face important challenges in the administration of public revenues, and governments set new objectives to manage state property more effectively. Implementation of state projects requires a strict control over budget cost as well as improvement of financial and administrative discipline.

IT solutions implementation enables public entities to develop new tools for rendering public services. Besides, it opens up new opportunities for implementation of large projects based on interdepartmental cooperation and information interchange between public entities.

Designed to help all levels of government maximize public value, our solutions enable governments to optimize limited resources in public administration while delivering responsive front-office services. Our solutions support business processes across a wide range of government functions, from accounting and procurement to case management and social services.

An integrated set of solutions for Public Sector includes:

  • Solutions for regional administrations and municipal entities (SAP for Public Sector)  
  • Solutions for postal enterprises (SAP for Postal Services)
  • Solutions for government institutions and tax authorities (SAP ERP Enterprise)
  • Solutions for security support (SAP Security Resource Management, SAP for Defense & Security)
  • Solutions for information security (LISSI–SNC, MSNC-, MSSF-)
  • Solutions for workflow management (SAP DMS)
  • Solutions for real estate management (SAP Real Estate Management)

For central/federal, provincial/regional/state, or local governments, SAP for Public Sector provides innovative solutions that improve services -- while lowering costs. Combined with SAP NetWeaver, SAP for Public Sector enables public organizations to connect silos of information and integrate processes across government departments, government levels, and borders through e-government functionality.

SAP for Postal Services provides an integrated and effective set of solutions that supports the most important business processes in any postal services company and provides tools to manage these processes for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

SAP ERP Enterprise is an integrated ERP-system and central part of a complex utilized set of solutions - SAP Business Suite. It covers the whole scope of business processes of a modern organization. These solutions allow government organizations to manage their economic activity on a more efficient basis.

SAP Security Resource Management presents a universal system for resources management in governmental authorities to provide national security.

SAP supports the major business processes of public security organizations and provides tools to help you understand and implement these processes efficiently and effectively. SAP for Defense & Security is powered by the SAP NetWeaver platform. SAP for Defense & Security is a strategic asset to all levels of public security leadership, both for first responders and for public safety and emergency preparedness agencies. For first responders, it offers the ability to command and control day-to-day operations, as well as major public events. For public safety and emergency preparedness agencies, it drives results and productivity by promoting information sharing and knowledge flow.

LISSI–SNC, MSNC-adapter MSSF- adapter – set of solutions providing information security in SAP products environment.  

SAP Document Management System, SAP DMS («Workflow») is an integral automated archive for enterprise documents. It allows enterprises to manage increasing amounts of information with a minimum amount of effort and resources. Ready for immediate integration into SAP software, this content management application allows you to handle both structured and unstructured data across the organization.

SAP Real Estate Management being a part of SAP ERP is a full-featured, integrated application for managing all types of real estate – giving you better control of and greater insight into your real estate portfolio. Addressing a variety of industry-specific requirements, the application allows you have a control under estate enterprise and supports all phases of the life cycle of real estate assets, including the acquisition or disposal of real estate, management of the real estate portfolio itself, property and technical management, as well as support processes like management accounting and reporting.

With our set of solutions, you can perform the following business processes:

  • E-government
  • Tax and revenue management
  • Public sector accounting
  • Government procurement
  • Government programs
  • Public security
  • Social services and social security
  • Organization management and support
  • Relationships management
  • Human capital management, etc.


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