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Customer Files Archive

A full-blown solution based on a product line from EMC Documentum – Customer Files Archive.

The solution is intended for banks and other enterprises using in their work ERP or/and Core Banking systems. The solution is designed on the basis of products package from EMC Documentum – to ensure integration with different systems and manage business content.


With an enterprise production and sales volumes moving higher or with an increase in scope of a bank crediting the paper process slows down. In addition, it becomes a source of mistakes due to huge volumes of paper documentation constantly received by fax and mail, and which is subject to processing by employees. It appears difficult to track documents circulation between departments and subsidiaries when the documents flow becomes enormous in scope. If that’s the case, manual processes become unreliable and chances of documents loss become increased. For example, issuing of one banking credit may require around hundred of typical documents. Transactions may be crumbed because of delays in paper work processing - the document can not be processed by a few employees simultaneously. There is no opportunity to ensure keeping deadlines while communications with applicants due to absence of an automated system. 


"Customer Files Archive" solution based on EMC Documentum platform enables to automate the whole process of corporate documentation processing and storage. It reduces to a minimum the need in paper documents. The system makes it possible to store any document types attaching them to enterprise products. Management technology for virtual documents is applied with the purpose of virtual folders creation. The folders contain the whole required and relevant customer information. Version tracking tool helps determine while financial audit which of the document package versions meets the end solution. The integrated Captiv InputAccel Capture or ABBYY FormReader solutions with the application of Documentum repository are designed to add documents. By using of a centralized scanning station for adding documents there appears an opportunity to send scan-copies directly to a repository.  

Results (as an example) 

All information about bank customers and products (credit, deposit, card) – more than 50 document types including documents identifying customer, agreements, applications, letters, - is stored in Documentum repository and is available from different systems including ERP systems. Web-access enables to greatly increase employees’ job efficiency as well as speed up a feedback to customers’ requests and information analyzing processes. There appears an opportunity to share a load between departments and subsidiaries. Quality reports on documents portfolio (file completeness, document versions actuality) become easily accessible for analysts.  

Implementation of this solution gives an opportunity  

  • To keep customer archive of scanned documents
  • To store and gain access to scanned documents through ERP system’s interface
  • To attach documents to business partner, account (product) – “Customer documents”, “Product documents” (credit, deposit, card)
  • To determine document types, standardize document subjects
  • To fix a prescribed size of a scanned file
  • To hold a log-file if tracking of users actions is required
  • To remind users of necessity to update documents and add missing documents to a file
  • To control documents availability: by offering tips if not all of the required and obligatory documents were scanned
  • To add electronic documents to repository of back-office employees. 

Recommended product package  

  • EMC Documentum Content Server
  • EMC Documentum Webtop
  • EMC Captive InputAccel Capture
  • EMC Captive eInput
  • EMC Documentum Retention Policy Services


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