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SAP Solution Manager

A full-service centralized platform designed for effective management of applications and interaction with SAP AG company - SAP Solution Manager.

SAP Solution Manager provides enterprises with tools, content and connectivity with SAP system required for implementation, support, maintenance and monitoring of SAP solutions.

The best solution for optimizing of IT application management

A lot of modern enterprises use SAP systems for making control over logistics, finance, personnel management and other business processes. As a rule, enterprises also use other systems satisfying their requirements in different business areas. All systems should be integrated within a unified system landscape and work together. Therefore, more and more attention is paid to maintenance and optimization of this landscape. The answer to the question: “How to reach high system performance without considerable and permanent investments in technical maintenance?” – “To use SAP Solution Manager”.

SAP Solution Manager is a unique solution enabling some of the integrated business processes to effectively interact with customer IT landscape (Change Management, Service Desk, etc). Business processes are the key function of SAP Solution Manager that saves customers the trouble of purchasing, implementing and supporting of separate software solutions providing this functionality. This solution advantage gives organizations an opportunity to refuse from use of a few tools which are not integrated with an all-in-one product providing an efficient integration and common interface.

Project implementation

SAP Solution Manager provides the full project functionality starting with project planning and ending with project putting into industrial operation. The system provides required tools and machinery for all project tasks including centralized storage of all project documentation, manuals and teaching aids as well as fitted Support Desk system.

Central administration

Central system administration provides a common management point for tasks related to landscape administration as well as:

  • pre-customized logical set of administration tasks for different SAP systems
  • built-in management service for managing incidents and issues
  • accounting system on administration tasks and other issues 

Central monitoring

Under central monitoring of SAP Solution Manager is meant not just a monitoring of each separate landscape system but monitoring of the whole solution providing details for each system.

  • Common access point to all monitoring information
  • Preventing of critical events by means of proactive monitoring
    • Before-the-fact problem identification
    • Advanced visibility of all solution systems
  • Prompt issue management
    • Automatic notification of an administrator about arise of a problematic situation
  • Monitoring types
    • Technical system monitoring
    • Business process level monitoring
  • Accounting
    • System of regular accounting related to system state
    • Automatic  comparison of actual system state with the recommended state
  • Visibility
    • Possibility to monitor  all solution systems
    • Integration with 3rd-party systems

Service Desk

SAP Solution Manager enables to organize a centralized multilevel processing of all user requests forwarded to support service from any of SAP systems. 

  • Universality
    • One-type interface and request generation mode applicable to all landscape systems
    • Possibility to send message to SAP AG support service
    • Solution searching opportunities built in solution base
  • Centralization
    • Integrated system for processing of user requests from all systems
  • Extensibility
    • Possibility to add own operations to the process of message processing
  • Configurability
    • Tools for customizing of automatic message processing rules including forwarding and automatic notification opportunities
  • Integrability
    • Possibility to integrate system with 3rd-party systems

Development of system administration schedule

“Required action in required time” is a recipe for successful technical system maintenance. The correct execution schedule for casual administration tasks gives certainty that all administration aspects are taken into account; all tasks are distributed between the employees in the best way. Besides, it insures that for all systems is kept a closer watch excluding doubling of the same tasks by different employees.

Performance optimization

Detailed analyzing of system performance enables to reveal “narrow spaces” and develop recommendations on their removal. Optimization area covers both SAP application server including own developments analysis and database server.

Data archiving

Data archiving allows transferring data from database to repository. The above is applicable only to data which do not require an on-line access. In that way, regular archiving helps retain database scope within defined limits:

  • Cutting of costs of database hardware including the whole system related cost decrease
  • Preventing of productions cuts because of permanent growth of database scope

Reaching of competitive advantages

Implementation of this solution enables to:

  • fully use IT potential
  • integrate IT applications with SAP
  • increase productivity, change and upgrade IT applications
  • increase IT structure efficiency
  • improve IT process management
  • optimize management of constantly changing IT landscape
  • cut total enterprise costs

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