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Organizational Workflow and Archive

A full-blown solution based on a product line from EMC Documentum - Organizational Workflow and Archive.

This solution is intended for organizations of any types and enables to automate business processes connected with organizational and administrative documents processing. Using this solution you can manage incoming and outcoming correspondence as well as internal administrative documents.


Existing volumes and steady growth of a modern workflow force enterprises to constantly increase their subdivisions staff responsible for providing documentation management functions. These functions include registration, posting, execution control and archiving documents storage. Even if a strong system of document registration, movement and storage is installed, it is difficult sometimes to find the required document or to ensure that the available document version is up to date. Under manual workflow mode used the efforts applied and duration of main operations will be increased. It is often difficult and impossible to get familiarized with history of paper documents. The reason is that separate history materials can be stored at numerous log books which are kept in different enterprise subdivisions. Additionally, by using paper workflow modern enterprises run a high risk of non-compliance with legislative and normative requirements regulating issues on working with documents. Search for solutions providing automation of workflow business processes will be considered as one of the most important tasks under such conditions.


«Organizational Workflow and Archive» solution is designed to manage organizational documents and support their archiving storage. This solution is the best choice for enterprises using in their work a large workflow amount. Interface of document management system (DMS) is simple, friendly and easy for understanding. DMS user interface is based on a basic EMC Documentum customer product. Comprehensive tools allow developing both standard and specialized application solutions meeting customer business demands and features. EMC Documentum platform consists of tools providing integration with corporate information systems (ERP, CRM, portals), office applications and e-mail. This solution can be applied to any software platform (MS Windows, main industrial Unix applications including HP_UX, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, Linux) and managed by any database management system (Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2, Sybase). The system is reliable and steady. Besides, it is characterised by high productivity, scalability and guaranteed technical support.


  • Installation of a centralized repository of enterprise organizational documents
  • Automation of routine jobs incurred while document processing
  • Effective tools applied for document search using attributes and full content
  • Convenient tools for document posting and notification of users about events arising out of the system
  • Increase in labour productivity of enterprise supervisory and back-office staff. Decrease of mistakes number while document processing.
  • Efficiency increase while management decisions making and forwarding them to executives
  • Providing of a walkthrough control under execution of orders originated on the basis of organizational documents
  • Decrease of expenses for servicing workflow processes
  • Formation of electronic archive containing enterprise organizational documents and enabling to manage archiving storage procedures.

Implementation of this Solution gives the following benefits:

  • This solution provides a comprehensive functionality for managing electronic workflow of any enterprise
  • The system based on EMC Documentum platform ensures execution of a firm set of project requirements. These requirements relate to projects of corporate size according to scalability and productivity scale. This system is multiplatform and has open interfaces for integration with corporate applications. Therefore, it can easily join the existing enterprise IT infrastructure.
  • The system can be integrated with industrial storage and mass data input systems. It ensures input and storage of large document volumes.
  • Implementation of this solution enables any enterprise to fully use IT potential.

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